I’ve Trapped a Honey!

On June 9, 2012 by Susie Koumarianos

After the Peggy Porschen (pictured here) class I was feeling all “cakeriffic” so I made more of my choccie biscuit cake for the ladies and gent of Image magazine who were having a farewell picnic for the oh-so-lovely Vanessa from Tennessee (home of my beloved darling Jack… Daniels that is!). Naturally it went down a treat. I also made some for the beautiful Melissa, of the Honeytrap Boudoir in Dun Laoghaire, Co.Dublin (incidentally she is also an Elle Driver doppelganger). Melissa has very kindly agreed to collaborate with yours truly. Her fabulous corsetry will be appearing later this year in the Burlesque Baker cook book? I know you beauty’s will love her ‘equipment’ so toddle in for a lookie see. Oh, and if you do, you simply MUST take a moment to check out the masterpiece above the till… :-* xx

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